Svechnikovs lacrosse-style goal goes digital as NHL 21 feature


Anyone can now pull off “The Svech.” At least virtually.

EA Sports has added Andrei Svechnikov‘s lacrosse-style goal to “NHL 21” giving gamers a chance to outwit digital goalies in style.

Svechnikov was the first-ever player to score in an NHL game with the move, once popularly known as “The Michigan” thanks to college hockey player Mike Legg who first did it in 1996.

The Carolina Hurricanes forward scored with the amazing move back on October 29. Then he did it again 49 days later. Nashville Predators forward Filip Forsberg also scored with the move this season.

Now, anyone can.

“Actually, it’s super exciting when I saw that,” Svechnikov said. “I actually bought the PlayStation a couple days ago, so I’m looking forward to playing the NHL 21 and making those moves.”

NHL 21 also features Nikita Kucherov‘s famous no-shot deke penalty shot and between-the-legs-style goals, pulled off by Forsberg, Matthew Tkachuk, Sonny Milano and a host of others.

Who knows what Svechnikov is cooking up fro NHL 22?

“If you see in the playoffs, I tried to do another lacrosse goal (in overtime in Game 1 against the Boston Bruins). It’s so hard to do that right now. The team now knows,” Svechnikov said. “I think I got a couple more tricks. It’s going to be really hard to make them, but I’m going to keep trying to work on it and we’ll see. Maybe one day I show some other tricks.” staff writer Tom Gulitti contributed to this story.

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