Rocket Richard terrified Hall of Fame goalie Glenn Hall


Legendary hockey reporter Stan Fischler writes a weekly scrapbook for Fischler, known as “The Hockey Maven,” shares his humor and insight with readers each Wednesday. 

This week Fischler shares some of his favorite hockey quotes by and about Hall of Fame players. He gathered these over a half-century of covering the NHL.


“Gordie plays ‘The Funny Kind of Game.’ Y’know what I mean by that? He doesn’t let anyone else touch the puck!” — former New York Rangers forward Aldo Guidolin

“I don’t know, I never felt his nose.” — Gordie Howe’s reply after being asked if his rival, Reg Fleming, was a hard-nosed player

“I sometimes think that if you part Wayne Gretzky’s hair, you’ll find another eye.” — Gordie Howe on “The Great One’s” incredible on-ice vision

“It’s not a job anymore. It’s a way of life.” — Gordie Howe on playing professionally at age 51


“The only job worse than being a goalie is a javelin catcher at a track and field meet.” — Gump Worsley

“What for? I get enough practice during the games.” — Gump Worsley, after being asked why he doesn’t work harder in practice

“Phil should know better than that. He knows I only drink scotch.” — Gump Worsley after former Rangers coach Phil Watson accused him of having “a beer belly”


“When Rocket came flying towards me with the puck on his stick, his eyes were all lit up, flashing and gleaming like a pinball machine. It was terrifying.” — former NHL goalie Glenn Hall

“Sure, [Richard] can be stopped. With a gun.” — former Detroit Red Wings center Sid Abel


“Howie could start on a dime and leave just a nickel change.” — former Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman King Clancy

“When Howie skated full speed, everyone else on the ice seemed to be skating backwards.” — legendary Montreal sportswriter Elmer Ferguson


“If I could have Phil Esposito, I’d put the Stanley Cup in my station wagon and go on tour with it.” — former Maple Leafs owner Harold Ballard

“Phil rents the slot from Boston Garden.” — Hall of Fame defenseman Bobby Orr

“Scoring is easy. You stand in the slot. Take your beating. And then shoot the puck in the net.” — Phil Esposito


“What I want for Christmas is a Mike Bossy doll. Wind it up and he scores 60 goals.” — former New Jersey Devils coach Tom McVie

“That’s a pigment of your imagination.” — Mike Bossy to a reporter who noticed that the forward’s hair was turning gray


“When he goes by my bench, I turn away so I won’t have to watch.” — former Maple Leafs coach Punch Imlach

“He was two steps ahead of everyone, and then after his knee injury he was one step ahead.” — Hall of Fame defenseman Brad Park

“There’s only one other athlete I’d compare [Orr] to — that Triple Crown thoroughbred, Secretariat.” — former Boston Bruins goalie Gerry Cheevers


“Ever try to tend goal in a tornado?” — Hockey News writer Matt Larkin describing Bernie Parent playing goalie for the Philadelphia Flyers, one of the toughest teams in NHL history

“I’d watch the Three Stooges on television.” — Bernie Parent explaining his pre-game preparation


“I didn’t have a bonus for goals, so why not set up the guys who needed them?” — Doug Harvey explaining why he didn’t shoot more often 

“Either you give it right back or the next thing you know, everybody and his brother will be trying you on for size.” — Doug Harvey on handling tough body checks

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