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A mysterious Sony Alpha event is taking place today for a camera that (so far) hasn’t had a single leak – here’s how to tune in and discover what Sony has in store.

Last week the company published a YouTube placeholder for a “new product announcement” that’s due to go live today, January 26, at 10am EST / 3pm GMT / 2am January 27 AEST

And Sony has only given us two small clues about what the launch might be. Firstly, the event has been given Alpha branding, which means it’ll almost certainly be an interchangeable lens camera. What we don’t know is whether the new model will have a full-frame sensor, like the Sony A7S III, or a smaller APS-C one like the Sony A6600.

The event also has the tagline “the one never seen”, which could perhaps refer to either high-speed shooting (hence the Sony A9 III rumors), a breakthrough in low-light performance or even, as some rumors have suggested, a new curved sensor design.

Whatever it is, camera fans should definitely tune in to find out – here’s how to watch the event.

How to watch the Sony Alpha event live

The easiest way to watch the Alpha camera event will be on the Sony Camera Channel YouTube page, which we’ve linked to below.

YouTube handily lets you set up reminders for scheduled videos – just click on the ‘bell’ icon at the bottom of the placeholder, and you’ll get an email when the event kicks off.

The Sony Alpha Universe homepage also contains an invite to “join us for a special livestream event”, so you should also be able to watch it there, along with some additional info about the mysterious new release. 

What do we expect from Sony’s Alpha camera event?

Today’s Alpha event is very unusual in the sense that we haven’t seen a single leak or hint about what the camera might be.

Speculation from Sony Alpha Rumors has previously suggested that Sony will announce a new “high-end camera” in early 2021, which could be part of the A9-series. This could mean the new model will end up being a full-frame camera, but it’s far from certain.

Sony A9 II

(Image credit: Sony)

The site has previously suggested that this full-frame model could be called either Sony A9 III or Sony A9s, and will have a 50MP sensor along with the ability to shoot 8K/30p video with no overheating. But it’s not yet clear whether today’s Sony Alpha event will be for that model, or something entirely different.

The ever-reliable camera leaker Nokishita recently revealed in a tweet (below) that the camera will have the code “CX88500”. But this again doesn’t give us any major clues about what to expect, other than the fact that it will probably be an E-mount camera (given that that range has similar codenames).

Sony has recently shown an inclination to start new lines within its Alpha camera series – the Sony A7C, for example, didn’t fit into existing styles or naming conventions, and was described as a “new concept” for the Alpha line-up.

The tagline “the one never seen” certainly suggests that the mysterious Alpha could similarly bring something new to the range. The wildest rumor, and the only one from what Sony Alpha Rumors calls a “trusted source”, is that the launch might actually be an RX-series camera with a curved design. But this wouldn’t fit the event’s Alpha branding.

Given those earlier rumors about Sony releasing a “high-end camera” in early 2021, it seems likely that the model will fit into that price bracket. But whether the new Alpha turns out to be the Sony A9 III or a direct successor to the Sony A9 II remains to be seen. We’ll see you at event to find out.

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