Flames bringing back classic jerseys from first season in Calgary


The Calgary Flames are bringing back a piece of their past for next season.

To celebrate their 40th season in Calgary, the Flames will go back to the jerseys they used from their first season in the city, 1980-81, through the mid-1990s. The home reds feature a white flaming C as the crest and the road whites display a red flaming C.


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The Flames relocated to Calgary from Atlanta after the 1979-80 season. They had been using the retro look on special occasions since 2009.

“My teammates and I love them,” Calgary captain Mark Giordano said Monday. “The first thing that comes to mind is that these were the jerseys worn when they won the (Stanley) Cup back in 1989. There is a certain amount of pride for the current players knowing that we carry on a legacy and tradition. They look great and feel even better on. I think they are the coolest jerseys in the League.”

The Flames’ current red home jersey, which features a black flaming C, will be used as an alternate jersey.

“Since re-introducing the retro look in alternate jerseys back in 2009, we’ve heard the feedback from a large portion of our fan base,” Flames director of marketing Ryan Popowich said. “They love the original look and really wanted us to return to it. It took a while to get all the pieces in place to make it happen. Adding the retro inspired (2019) Heritage Classic white jersey last season was the final piece of the puzzle and the time has finally arrived where we can deliver to the fans what they’ve always wanted.”

Video: The Flames are returning to a classic look

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