Bia teams up with NHL for new anthem for Stanley Cup Playoffs


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here, and the NHL has the ultimate hype song to get you fired up.

Rapper Bia teamed up with the NHL to produce a hockey-themed version of her hit single “Skate” just in time for playoff hockey.

Bia released the rap song, which features the refrain, “Wrist Stanley Cup, I can show you how to skate,” in 2020. NHL chief content officer Steve Mayer worked with the Boston-born rapper, and her team at Epic Records, to slightly alter her lyrics to produce an edition suitable for the postseason. 

“We’re thrilled,” Mayer told “It’s so much fun. It’s got a great energy to it, and it’s different.”

Mayer sent Bia’s team a list of prospective hockey terms in April and she recorded a full song and video, the first original song produced by the NHL in Mayer’s five-and-a-half years with the League, which was released on the NHL’s social platforms Monday.

Bia NHL Playoffs Hype Song

The song includes the lyrics, “Etch your name forever, cuz you don’t know when you’re coming back. If I wanted that shiny trophy then I’m getting that.”

“I’ve always been interested in doing an original song, rewriting a song, we’ve talked about it forever,” Mayer said. “I sent over a list of terms … and I really played to the passion in my mind the greatest tournament in the world. I sent it to them, and Bia said, ‘Let’s do this,’ and then it was a process of Bia going in on her own and taking some of those words and putting them into her own words and she recorded everything.” 

The song and Bia’s video, which took about 10 days for NHL Studios to edit after Bia sent it to the League, first appeared on Hockey Night in Canada ahead of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup First Round between the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals on Saturday. It will appear on promotional spots for each of the eight first-round series broadcast on NBC and Sportsnet, with highlights and commentary as the playoffs progress.

“We’ll have more surprises as we move along, especially when it comes to music,” Mayer said. “We’re going to debut some other new songs as the playoffs go on.” 

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