Before Stanley Cup Playoff games, teams hold moments of reflection


Before the start of both 2021 Stanley Cup Playoff games on Tuesday, a moment of reflection was held to mark the anniversary of the death of George Floyd.

Floyd was killed in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, sparking worldwide protest and calls to action for social change and police reform. 

The Canadiens held a moment of reflection for victims of racial injustice after the public address announcer read a statement.

“We need no more senseless tragedies to remind us that all people deserve to be treated equally, with dignity and justice,” the statement said. “We have it within our power to recognize and eliminate individual and systemic racism in our society. The National Hockey League, our teams and our fans reaffirm our pledge to bring about positive social and cultural changes in local communities and in the game of hockey.”

In Raleigh, the Carolina Hurricanes added that Floyd’s tragic death “sparked a worldwide reckoning, highlighting the long history of racial injustice and rightfully reigniting the urgency to reaffirm and ensure that Black lives matter.”

Video: NSH@CAR, Gm5: Hurricanes honor victims of injustices

While there was no crowd at Bell Centre due to ongoing stay-at-home restrictions in Canada, fans in attendance at PNC Arena joined in on the moment of reflection.

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